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Northern Lights Garlic

Fresh | Naturally Grown | Local

Garlic that is as spectacular as the Northern Lights.

Each one unique, heavenly & adding to a culinary delight!

We are a small family-owned farm in Northern Wisconsin, selling Garlic for seed and eating. We are not certified organic however we follow Organic methods and our Garlic is naturally grown.  We grow our garlic without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides to ensure the highest quality garlic. Located in Northern Wisconsin,  our garlic does get harvested later then most Wisconsin farms due to the climate and is usually harvested late July/early August and shipped in late August/mid-September after curing and hand inspection of each bulb.   


Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and for supporting our small business!

Our harvest is completed, and we are taking orders for both our

gourmet medium/culinary and large bulbs for Fall Shipping. 

Our garlic had an exceptional year and the majority of our medium/culinary are 1.75-1.99 inches.

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