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New for 2023


Porcelain Variety originating in Canada.  A very hardy and robust grower that performs well in Northern states.  Averaging 4-6 large cloves per bulb, it is one of the mildest-tasting porcelain kinds of garlic with easy-to-peel jumbo cloves.  Longer storing until early spring


Georgia Crystal

Porcelain Variety – Known as one of the best toasting garlic with a superb flavor milder than German Extra Hardy.  

Averaging 4-6 large cloves per bulb with easy-to-peel jumbo cloves.  This variety grows well in the Northern States and stores well.


Note:  This is our first year growing this variety and we will only be including these in our culinary sampler packs as we are keeping the large bulbs to replant this Fall.

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