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Category                 Variety                           Estimated lb yield


Hardneck                     Spanish Roja                        7

Hardneck                     Music                                    6

Hardneck                     Romanian Red                     6

Hardneck                     Georgia Fire                         6

Hardneck                     German Red                         7

Hardneck                     Chesnok Red                        9

Hardneck                     Tamarack Rocambole          7

It is important to know approximately how many cloves are in each pound of the seed stock you order as the number changes by variety.  Our seed stock are bulbs 2.00+ inches in diameter.

  • Measure the size of your garden or field

  • Determine how many rows, the length of the rows and the planting spacing in the rows (recommend 6” part)

  • Multiple number of rows  x the row length and covert the total length to inches.

  • Divide the number of inches by your plant spacing and this will equal the number of cloves you will need.

  • Use the chart above to determine how many pounds of each variety you will need.

per lb planted

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